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Stylerush Review + Discount


You all know how I feel about my beloved GlamPalm Straightener (R200 off CODE: cfb225) and GlamPalm Curling Wand (R100 off CODE: cf606) today I am going to introduce you to their more affordable sibling… the Stylerush!


Stylerush and GlamPalm are made in Korea by the initial company that created/invented GHD, so you know straight away that your hair is incapsulated in the right straightening plates because lets be honest there is nothing like the true OG! They developed

  • The World’s first ceramic coated heat plate,
  • The first tilt & cushion plate,
  • First free voltage & automatic shut off functions,
  • 3D swivel & pivot cord
  • The world’s first built in temperature sensors

The Stylerush may be affordable and simpler with less bells and whistles than my GlamPalm straightener but it is so apparent that there hasn’t been any compromise on the quality of the straightener. It has a fixed temperature (195 Degrees) the heater plate was created using the same technology used on Glampalm Stylers which was created to ensure minimal hair damage! Ceramic coating on the plates provides smooth sliding without any hair snagging.


What I love about the Stylerush is the fact that it can create amazing curls as well as sleek straight hair and did I mention how fast it actually is? Being a no fuss straightener it heats up to the perfect temperature immediately and gets the job done fast.
It also has 2.7m long cord which if you’re like me is a necessity because there is only one, yes one plug in my room which may I add is not even near by my vanity section. It also has a 360 degree swivel which may not sound like much but let me tell you this feature is a must it basically means that you don’t have to worry about moving the cord around you to do the other side of your head, the swivel helps to position the cord no matter which side of your head your styling. The Stylerush also comes with a heat protected cover for the plates which makes them easy to be stored when hot and super easy to pack if you’re going away.
So as you can see quality has not been compromised at all. Now for the discount code that you’ve all been waiting for, use CFB327 on to get R150 off the Stylerush, delivery is FREE!
Keep a look out for a video coming soon where I demo how I like to use my Stylerush straightener!