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If you haven’t heard of nifty250 where have you been? Nifty250 is a social printing service that offers a platform to print your instagram photos, simply log into your instagram account via their website or filter by a specific filter, choose the pics you’d like printed and follow all the simple online instructions and in a few days your prints will be at your door.


I chose to print some of my most precious memories (flowers + quotes dah!) as well as some fun ones.



What I absolutely appreciate the most about nifty250 is their attention to detail, my prints came beautifully packaged with my name and a personalised note, some cute emoji stickers and if that isn’t enough a DIY origami photoholder!


I can’t wait to use some as birthday cards; I mean how cool is that, a personalised card of a picture you’ve taken. I have also seen some people give these as thank you cards for their weddings. If a standard polaroid isn’t you’re style you can also print a strip which makes an awesome book mark.


Nifty also offer a social printing service, let me break it down for you. You have an event that you want people to use a specific hashtag for? Nifty will set up a printer right there and print your guests their instagrams talk about instant gratification.

Although the team is small by numbers in no means does that mean they offer a half hearted service, in fact their service is better than bigger organisations. Customer service is key in e-Commerce/Online services these guys get this so much better than right, a true #lovelocal company.

What do you do with you nifty250 prints?