MAC Fruity Juicy Collection – Oh My, Passion!

MAC is known for their limited edition collections, not being much of a hype/collector type of person there is always one product that catches my eye because let’s be honest most of them are in the most gorgeous or quirky packaging.

MAC Fruity Juicy Collection – Oh My, Passion! (1 of 5)
MAC Fruity Juicy Collection – Oh My, Passion! (2 of 5)

When the MAC Fruity Juicy collection was released the blush highlight hybrid duo was what caught my eye and somehow my special friend Nicole jumped on the wave length (I think this may be to do with us sharing a birthday #soulsisters) because she gifted me with the MAC Oh My, Passion! Pearlamatte face powder from the Fruity Juicy Collection. You can just imagine my face when I opened up the parcel – grinning ear to ear is an understatement!

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous with bright fruity and floral illustrations, this translates onto the box, the compact and even the product itself is embossed with a hibiscus design. In each flower there is a different powder shade from a soft yellow, reddish brown, pink coral and pinky lavender.

MAC describes the MAC Oh My, Passion! Pearlamatte face powder as “A unique face powder featuring a flirty flower pattern pressed into it. Pearlized and satin shades feature a rich texture, velvet finish. Can be used as a blush and highlighter.

MAC Fruity Juicy Collection – Oh My, Passion!

I didn’t know what shade to expect when swirling all the shades together, I think what threw me off immediately was the brown shade I thought it could be quite harsh on my fair skin BUT swirling a blush brush in the centre picks up all the shades which when mixed together create a warm rosey shade with flecks of gold in it – basically rose gold!

MAC Fruity Juicy Collection – Oh My, Passion!

The MAC Oh My, Passion Pearlamatte powder is extremely pigmented, a little goes a long way – believe me! The consistency is smooth and very finely milled so there isn’t a huge powdery mess when swirling my brush in the pan. The finish is unlike anything else I have in my collection in that it really is like a blush and highlight duo, pigmented and is a true rose gold shade. It is said to be similar to an Urban Decay blush I have had my eye on called Fireball.

Did you pick up anything from the MAC Fruity Juicy Collection?



  • MEEP! and for some reaso Lil Richards Fruity Tooty song fro Get on up started blasting in my head. Great, Now I’m craving a fruit salad. Great looking collection indeed. Just in time for the spring/summer. Will be keeping my eyes peeled. I wonder if they’l have a citrus-y smell.

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni