lipidol sunscreen oil {review}


I’m sure by now everyone knows about the wonders of oil products. Although they may seem daunting at first especially this one – an OIL sunscreen? Yip Lipidol have done it again!

When Lipidol first launched I jumped straight on the bandwagon with the facial cleanser which is a favourite as well as the moisturiser. So there was no doubt in my mind that I would enjoy the sunscreen. The idea of applying oil and then being in the sun is the weird part; I know if you want a fast and deeper tan (not advisable) people apply baby oil and literally fry their skin. This is what Lipidol have to say about the above:

“The Lipidol Sunscreen Oil protects against UVA and UVB rays, while maintaining good skin health by supplementing the skin’s natural oily layer stripped away by the sun, wind and water. Contrary to popular belief, the notion that sun is attracted to oil on the skin is untrue, and in fact the use of an oil-based sun care product is a great way to ensure your skin remains protected during South Africa’s hotter months.”
lipidol oil
Now we’re all on the same page lets get into my thoughts on this wondrous basil and cypress oil; I was so impressed that I could put this on under my moisturiser and not have a slippery mess of course with any oil a little really does go a long way – bare that in mind if you’re applying it under moisturiser or foundation.

As with all of the other Lipidol products it has an aromatherapy scent which I enjoy, it’s kind of calming because I associate those scents with massage rooms or oil burners.
lipidol oil review

I’m not a laying in the sun kind of girl so I didn’t try that for this review however I did try it on my arms and places that saw the sun. Its not too greasy at all but remember LESS IS MORE.

Lipidol Oil Review

We’re off to Mozambique in May and there is no doubt in my mind that this Lipidol SPF 20 is coming a long! Have you tried any Lipidol products, if so what are your favs?