layered necklace DIY


I often get asked about DIY’ing and the most requested has been how I DIY my layered necklaces, I thought so long about this thinking well its not really a skill or something to be wowed at its really picking up a few different pieces that I like and throwing them on!

That being said I thought I’d go through and give a few tips and tricks on how to customise your jewellery.


Lets begin with this already layered necklace from mr price that I liked but wanted to tweak as I didn’t like the choker vibe, for R30 I thought it was a great buy to customise.  

Step ONE; use pliers to open a jump ring remove whatever you don’t like and squeeze the jump ring closed again.IMG_0103


TIP: always keep a little tin with all your leftover jump rings or those annoying extension chains that usually hang down your neck. These bits will become handy when needing to add length to another necklace, as I’ve done below.

The longest necklace was an awkward length so I added some of chain I had left in my handy box as I wanted it to always be the ‘longest’ one in my layer.


TIP: Have fun with your layering, the above necklaces all come from different places; triangle – lovisa, crystal – vintage lover, marble – mr price.

Same goes for the necklaces below; triangle – lovisa, hexagon – mr price, circle – swarovski

The main piece of advise I can give is to have fun, try something out if it doesn’t work at least you’ve tried! ♥