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DIY Copper and Wood Plant Stand

Today’s DIY post is probably one of my most favourites of all time! Firstly because it involves plants and secondly because I created a gorgeous piece for my home from scratch. I have been wanting a plant stand for so long but I didn’t want to invest in one because I don’t know if it’s more of a fad that I will get over and they’re so expensive! As with all good ideas I headed to Pinterest for some DIY inspiration, I saw so many cool ideas some more complicated than others but when I came across this simple plant stand DIY I just knew that this was what I wanted to create.

I started off going through the DIY and what I needed to buy, I then browsed through Builders Warehouse online store and placed an order for the drill and opted to collect this into the store I was going to. The Builders Warehouse online store was so simple to navigate and the drill I found was actually in the promotion section so I got a total bargain! The online store has a huge variety of things from building material to home finishing’s like blankets.

I headed to the Table View store and straight to the click and collect till where my order was waiting, easy peasy! I then chatted to a Builders Warehouse employee who kindly showed me where all the things I needed were, he was AMAZING and helped with every question and finding each thing on my list. I mean copper stoppers are found in the plumbing section – who knew? He also helped maneuver the long piece of wood and dowels into the trolley so I could take them to the wood work section in- store, yip you heard me Builders Warehouse offer a service of cutting the wood you have purchased to your size requirements! Easy peasy I tell you, I bought x2 dowels and had them cut into x4 and had the wood I needed cut to size at no extra charge.

The Builders Warehouse store itself is a DIY / interior’s dream its like sensory overload and my eyes were wide open with all the things I could make and all the things I wanted! I actually picked up a few interior items that I’ll show in another blog post. It’s basically the best one stop shop for the home.

Things I needed for the plant stand DIY

 x4 60cm long 22mm Wooden Dowel

 x4 25mm Metal Saddles

 x1 22cm x 22cm Wooden Square

 x8 22cm Copper Stoppers

 x8 Screws – these screws came with their own bit for the Drill

 Copper Spray Paint

 Drill

How to:

1) Spray paint the metal saddles copper, let these stand for about 2 hours

2) Mark the middle on each side of the wooden block, this is where the wooden dowel will go.

3) Put the copper ends on each dowel at the top and bottom

4) Place the dowel where your mark is

5) Attach the saddle to the dowel, the fit of this is quite snug but that’s what you want so there is no falling of the plant

6) Screw in the saddle to the wood

7) Add your plant to the top, and you’re done 🙂

Told you this is a super simple DIY!! Let me know in the comments what you would like to make if you could DIY anything? Next up I have my eyes on making a table or a headboard! A big thank you to Builders Warehouse for sponsoring the creation of this DIY.