The Body Shop Vegan Make Up Brushes

The Body Shop is known for being all about Beauty without Cruelty that being said how often do you think about the make up brushes you are using? Granted nowadays we see a lot more synthetic brushes in the market. The Body Shop recently released their GORGEOUS set of Vegan Make Up Brushes with stunning dark brown wooden handles and deep grey bristles – I mean seriously has a better colour combo ever existed?

the body shop make up brushes

When I used to hear the word synthetic bristles my mind immediately imagined stiff bristles similar to a tooth brush consistency (LOL!) I can safely assure you that my misconception is completely irrational and synthetic brushes can be extremely soft and easy to use.

I have been on the lookout for a pointed highlighter brush for as long as I can remember, I even bought an R10 one off eBay that became loose after 2 washes! Happy to say I don’t have to glue that back together with the introduction of my new Body Shop pointed highlighter brush. The bristles are soft, long and move easily as it is not densely packed. It applies highlighter perfectly as it moves so freely on the face without giving a harsh highlight line. I have also used it for powder under my eyes and its a winner for that as well, I think because of its shape its a great brush to have in my stash.

the body shop make up brushes

Next up I have the buffing brush, I love me a good buffing brush I have about 4 mainly because what I don’t love is washing them literally can’t handle trying to get foundation out the centre of buffing brushes if anyone has some solution for this holla at a brother 🙂

The body shop buffing brush is densely packed with short bristles this means that it really gives the foundation full coverage even if it is a lighter weight foundation because the bristles are densely packed it keeps the product more concentrated on the area you’re buffing. I like to use this in circular motions around my face and then close to my eye area I kind of use it to dab (if there was a dabbing emoji right now – life MADE!) the foundation in mainly because I try and be careful around the eye area.

I can’t wait to get my hands on more of these GORGEOUS Body Shop make up brushes not only do they look gorgeous on my dressing table they also work like a dream. Next up I want to get my hands on some of the eyeshadow brushes.