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Antique Fusion Jewellery + Discount #LoveLocal

Welcome back to another #LoveLocal post – today is a really special one mainly because of the beautiful soul that is the creator of Antique Fusion. I ‘met’ Anne online in 2013 when I absolutely fell in love with her jewellery, we met later on that year in person and it felt like I had known her my whole life. You know when your soul just connects with someone and you feel so comfortable around them? Well that’s exactly what it feels like with Anne.

“Antique Fusion is about bringing together the past and the present, the antique and the contemporary, to create a wonderful collaboration of style and design.”

I think that sums up Antique Fusion perfectly and this comes through so vividly if you just scroll through some of the gorgeous pieces on her website that she has created over the years it is so clear that there is a true fusion in her work. Antique Fusion was created in 2007 by Anne herself.

My Antique Fusion range consists of stacking rings, earrings and one of my most favourites – ‘love’ ring.
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I now have 3 beautiful new rings to add to my jewellery collection the: doily, fan and wishbone rings:
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I absolutely love how the Doily and Fan rings have a unique vintage look and feel I also really like that they can be worn separately or together. I chose the wishbone ring because as a kid I always searched for the wishbone in a chicken at dinner time, it represents this hope and belief that wishes can come true.

These gorgeous rings are hand made out of sterling silver which means no tarnishing or turning hulk green (which is basically me if I wear anything that isn’t real!)

If you are looking for a gorgeous piece of jewellery either bespoke, maybe something you have been wanting to get made forever or something from their vast catalogue then definitely have a look at Antique Fusion for the best gifts or spoils for yourself.

PLUS The lovely Anne has given me a coupon code to offer you 20% off any sterling silver jewellery on the Antique Fusion website valid until the end of June. The coupon code is CF20 all you need to do is quote this when placing your order.

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Let me know what your favourite Antique Fusion piece is.