Smashbox Primer’s Roundup

It’s no lie that Smashbox Photofinish range is one of the best primer ranges on the market hands down. There are also different formulas available for different skin types or needs – I mean HELLO, freaking genius! I thought it would be nice to share my top 3 Smashbox primers.

smashbox primer review

Smashbox Photofinish : An oil free primer which means it is more suited to an oiler skin type, that being said if you have a dry skin type you can still make use of this as long as you keep your skin hydrated underneath the primer or if you find your foundation moves in certain areas then you can pick and choose which primer to use on these parts of your face AKA multi priming. This primer is so silky smooth and a tiny bit is needed to cover the entire face. Once it has been rubbed into your face it leaves the most silkiest feel it’s almost as if your foundation will be thanking you for making it’s life easier by applying this as a starter and lets not forget that your foundation will not move all day!

smashbox primer review

Smashbox Photofinish Broad Spectrum: Much like the the oil free photofinish primer the broad spectrum photofinish primer applies smoothly to the face and makes foundation application smooth and long lasting. The difference with this primer is that is contains SPF 20 which of course protects the skin from the sun and prematurely aging. I really enjoy wearing this primer when I know I am going to be outdoors for long periods of time because I know I have an extra layer of SPF coverage over my suncream and under my foundation, especially as I have quite a freckley skin I need the extra SPF. Even though the broad spectrum photofinish does have the extra SPF it doesn’t make the product heavier or compromise in the effect of the primer – your foundation will stay put!

smashbox eyeshadow primer
Smashbox 24 hour eyeshadow primer: This is the best eyeshadow primer I have ever used, again a small amount goes a long way which means you really get great value for money. The formula of this primer is a peach coloured silky cream that sinks right into the eyelid skin, it makes eyeshadow application so easy and creates a smooth canvas for either matte or metallic eyeshadows. It also enhances the pigmentation of the eyeshadows applied ontop and makes these last so long on the eyelids without creasing or fading throughout the day. On Friday I applied the primer and eyeshadow at 7am went to work and straight out to friends, got home at 3.30am and my eyeshadow was still in place – no creasing or fading BEST!
What are your favourite Smashbox products?