mio quickstart (wake up happy) | review

Being a ‘typical’ girly girl I love things to pamper myself, products that inventivelyforce me to spend a little extra time in the bath and away from all devices.

Mio is a range that definitely lets you pamper yourself. I tried out the Mio quickstart (wake up happy) Exhilarating Shower Gel, if ever exhilarating was used in the right context THIS right here is it. You know that feeling when you have used a really strong tooth paste and breath in then your mouth feels all cool and kind of like you have the power of ice breath? Now imagine that in a body wash! Yip this product is all kinds of amazing infused with oils such as spearmint leaf, citrus lemon peel, cypress leaf, lavender and Guarana Caffeine. It is also Sodium Laureth Sulphate free so NO harsh chemicals and claims that it may help cut down on coffee consumption.


I think this brand is so modern looking the packaging is streamline and clean with a lovely pop of turquoise and tangerine, I also love that they’re a bit quirky with their product names, they have  a mothers range called ‘mama mio’ and an intriguing Liquid Yoga bath soak. The Mio products also hold a lot of big promises but obviously with dedication and continued use.

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