L’Oreal Pro Fiber Range Review

*A version of this review was previously posted in collaboration with Becoming You blog.

L'Oreal Pro FiberI was so excited to start using this new L’Oreal Pro Fiber, if you have read my latest hair rant you’ll know the struggle very well!! Lets just say I had a mishap at the hair dresser and ended up with a hair cut that basically looks shredded with the worst random layers all over the place and extremely damaged hair.

The Pro Fiber regime is split into two; a shampoo and mask/conditioner and then every fourth wash you use a capsule. The premise of the range is to have the in salon L’Oreal Pro Fiber treatment and then follow on with the at home products on your hair.

So I have told you about the state of my hair let me give you a little detail about my hair type. Basically I have a lot of fine hair that tends to get flat, weighed down and greasy on the roots but very dry damaged ends. Since my roots get flat and greasy fast I often stay away from anything over moisturising as I end up washing my hair faster because its greasy. With the recent condition of my hair I was all for trying the Pro Fiber range and to my surprise I have really enjoyed it.

The shampoo seems to moisturise and coat my hair, it doesn’t leave my hair feeling squeaky clean so I often shampoo twice with it to ensure all build up is gone. The mask has to be my least favourite part of the regime as I find it quite heavy and my hair is very soft yet limp after so I guess that depends on personal preference and hair type.

My most favourite part of the Pro Fiber range are the capsules, which are meant to be, used every 4th wash. The capsule first of all they smell like meringue batter, which brings me back to my childhood. They work so well and coating, strengthening and moisturising the hair without weighing it down too much. I find that one capsule lasts me 3 washes as my hair is so short and if I do tend to add too much to my hair it does go a little flat, I tried to use a whole capsule and my hair was super sticky so less is more with this one for me – which actually works to my benefit as I get more out of them than they ‘prescribe’

I have been trailing this alongside my mom who has extremely dry hair and her findings are similar to mine but she finds that she doesn’t need a second wash of shampoo; one is sufficient to having a clean feeling scalp. She also mentioned that her hair is a lot less frizzy and more moisturized. I thought it would be a nice idea to give you my thoughts with fine hair and my moms with dry hair.

Have you tried any of the L’Oreal professional hair care ranges?