Lipidol Overnight Oil

Face and Body oils are so interesting as I think the immediate thought is that if you have combo to oily skin you should steer clear of oils I am here to tell you this cannot be further from the truth! I have combo skin and my skin laps up a good facial or body oil.

The Lipidol Overnight Oil has been great for my skin over the past few weeks as I have really felt like my face needed an extra moisture kick. The idea behind the Overnight Oil is to work on rehydrating your skins natural oily layer whilst you sleep, especially during winter the natural layer of oil on the skin can be compromised due to heaters, wind or the cold which can strip the skin leaving it dehydrated, tight or just uncomfortable.

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Lipidol Overnight Face Oil like all the oils within the Lipidol range is packed full with natural oils such as Ylang-Ylang and Black Pepper essential oils – Ylang-Ylang for calming the mind and inducing sleep, Black Pepper oil contains high levels of antioxidants that help protect the skin from the harsh effects of the environment and increases blood circulation to the skin.

I tend to use this face oil every other day, a tiny bit goes a long way and for R90 you really know you are getting the bang for your buck as this will last ages! By the time I wake up in the morning it has all sunk in and my face feels plump and supple. The scent is gentle and not over baring at all. Also if you’re worrying about your sheets or pillow cases it doesn’t stain 🙂

The entire Lipidol range is coloured using natural plant extracts, no synthetic dyes and is perfect for sensitive skin and is non-comedogenic (doesn’t block pores) Lipidol is available selected Clicks stores or via the Clicks online store.