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Yes I know, it, has been a loooong time. I could throw around a whole’lota excuses but who wants to read that? I guess we try justify thing when we feel bad. As if I have 1000 fans out there (one day homie!) 

Anyway! My main excuse was lack of connection to the interweb which has now been restored (yay for Webafrica & Telkom) now that I am back I have a few exciting posts and videos coming up. While I try and get my blog mojo back would anyone like to suggest some things they would like to see/read? I know a lot of people read overseas bloggers but lets try keep it local, there are so many amazing local bloggers such as lipgloss kisses, shades of gold, trinket spotter & pink peonies (just to mention a few!) so lets support local bloggers people. These ladies all take such pride in their blog and attention to detail THAT is what inspires me not people who throw together a blog and literally copy and paste beauty  finds, homemade masks and so much boringness – rant o v e r

So to round that all up in a neat little bow – I am back, please follow me on bloglovin, instagram, twitterfacebook for updates… and that is it, til’ next time.