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Ghost Dream #FragranceFriday

This is quite a favourite of mine and has been for far too many years for me to count. I first encountered Ghost Dream on my mom who used to pick up all funky perfumes on her travels, I must have been about 12 when she came home with Ghost as well as another one called Fast Forward or Rewind something like that! Anyway I was immediately drawn to not only the gorgeous dark purple half-moon Ghost Dream bottle but also the scent.

Ghost Dream is a very unique floral oriental scent that most people are not familiar with, it is lightweight but is a bold fragrance.It’s one of those scents people notice but would never be able to guess what it is, mainly because it is no longer sold in South Africa – don’t let sales peeps tell you it’s discontinued (they love to do that when something is no longer available here even though it is available overseas) I picked up my last bottle from Boots in the UK.

The notes of Ghost Dream are 100% floral with rose, Moroccan orange flower, Egyptian jasmine, violet and patchouli. If you don’t know your flowers in simple terms it is a very floral sweet (but not sickly) bold, feminine perfume.

Packaging: Absolutely love the dark purple half moon bottle, I even keep an empty one on my shelf

Notes: Floral notes of rose, orange flower, jasmine, violet and patchouli

Lasting Power: All day with little to no fading

Day or Night: I tend to use this more at night time as it is a bold, warm scent

Thoughts:​ I absolutely love Ghost Dream, it really is a unique scent and one that seems to always creep its way back into my collect. I have probably had about 5 bottles of this over the years! I’d love to try the other Ghost variants