eco deo roll on| review



Pits are the pits well mine are at least! I have the most sensitive under arm area and it can really suck – do airbrushed one-tone under-pits exist ? For me personally I have tried every kind of deodorant from the most sensitive dove to rock salt pure natural and each one has not worked, either making me itch, break out or generally stank!

When I was about to make up my own deodorant ala’pinterest I gave Wellness Warehouse a visit, the source of all things natural and all things pricey! I came across a whole isle of natural deodorants that are alluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, phtalates, triclosan free (if you are wondering what all those words mean CLICK HERE

Basically commercial deodorants were not working for me, I also didn’t like the idea that all those toxic substances were being put on my pits so close to my lymph nodes, so that is when the search for something natural came into action after trying another cheaper brand that didn’t work I found this pure beginnings unscented roll on and I have never turned back, I have repurchased this so many times. I definitely recommend this to anyone with  sensitive pits!