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Bloggers Who Bless

On Saturday I attended my first Bloggers who Bless event at Dermalogica Wembley Square. I really had no idea what to expect but I was so excited to finally be able to put some faces to the names I see on my news feeds, I also had butterflies at the thought of being party of a group on ladies who have similar interests as I do.

I think Bloggers who Bless is such a great community, blogging can be lonely so its really nice to be able to have these events where all the bloggers can interact and do something fun at the same time. I also got to meet some bloggers that I have been following for a while such as 3 Kids, 2 Dogs 1 House, Mother City Mom, Hipstyler, Pretty & GingerLipgloss is my drug and the founder of #BWB Femme Lifestyle – just to mention a few!


I was a little nervous when Heather said – bring make-up a long for after. I was like whoa am I really going to meet all these bloggers for the first time with all my pigmentation, pimples and dark-circles out loud and proud? So I took to twitter and asked what the other ladies were doing – all the responses put my insecurities at bay many didn’t want to arrive completely bare faced. Hey you want to meet someone with a ‘fresh’ face for the first time not like a dot-the-dot map.

The Dermalogica ladies came around to each of us and mapped our face and ‘prescribed’ what we would need from the range – at this stage I thought we were going to be pushed to buy the products, how very wrong I was. We then started our own facial with the prescribed Dermalogica products from pre-cleansing to scrubbing we did it all!

Once we were done with that it was time to eat.. I was so impressed with the thought that went into the eats, each dish was so beautifully prepared – mini burgers, chicken breast kebabs and my fav mini noodle dish. When it was time to leave we were allowed to choose THREE products to take home, I chose 3 that were prescribed to me:


1) Daily Scrub – this is a powder that you emulsify with a little water, amazing!


2) Toner – this is a spritz toner, so much easier than using a cotton pad


3) Soothing cream – I was so surpassed how little of this I need to cover my entire face


I just want to say a huge thank you to Heather for including me and Dermalogica for hosting us.