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April Favourites Video

Wowee this year has flown by I simply can’t believe we are F I V E  months into the year, WHAT! I remember as a kid years seemed to drag and now they’re gone in the blink of an eye.

Anyway enough morbid talk and onto what you’re here for. This month I decided to film my first ever monthly favourites, after chatting to my fav Rayne and kind of brainstorming what content I would like to create on my Youtube channel the idea of monthly favourites popped in. You see this is where I am in terms of Youtube – I want to create content I would watch which in turn you would hopefully watch and enjoy, I don’t want to create only brand focused videos you know the ones just to get the eye of the PR/brand because frankly those are not things I like to watch on Youtube. I created this space to be authentic and as an extension of who I am therefore on all platforms I want that to come across and I think that’s why my channel has been dwindling.

Enough rambling now, onto the favourites. Let me know what videos you like to watch in the comments below.. and enjoy the video:

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