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holding onto memoirs – trollbeads WIN!

I’m sure everyone is familiar with charm bracelets which turned into nomination bracelets and of course beads. The premise of all of these being the same thing, a keep sake, a token, a tiny symbol to remind you of a special moment in your life journey.
I have never really been a big ‘memory’ keeper, material things have never held a huge significance in the way that I need them to remember a time. Letters, yes I have a bag full of those from old school friends to birthday cards from people so near to me that are no longer here – these are all like gold to me whenever I have a look at them.
As I get older (types this as my 26th Birthday is fast approaching!) I notice that I’m starting to put a higher value on objects and often think to myself this, this is special. Lets be honest this is usually some jewellery gift given to me by my mom or boyfriend and when I wear it I feel special and only I know the meaning or story behind it. I think that is what I love about the Trollbead idea, granted it may not be everyones taste but thats where the different styles come in eg Nomination for a more simple look. IYOS stock both brands.
I had a look at the Trollbeads and was curious to find out what the difference is between these and Pandora, that being that Trollbeads are in fact the original and each bead has a specific meaning and story, theres a HUGE book in store explaining each meaning, here are a few I really liked and wanted to share:
I  played around in store and this was the combination I came up with:
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