top 5 red lipsticks

We are now onto the second episode of my top 5 lipsticks, the last post was all about my top 5 nude lipsticks today we are talking about my top 5 red lipsticks. Again all 5 of these lipsticks are available in South Africa and are a variety of red shades.

Left to Right:

  1. Avon Matte Red Supreme (+- R70) – I am not even going to harp on about this because I have raved about my love for the Avon Matte range which you can read here but let me just put it out there this is my most favourite matte formula lipstick ever!
  2. Gosh 005 Classic Red (+- R190) – This is definitely a classic post box red shade, a blue toned red that I think will suit most skin tones. The formula of this is a lot drier that the Avon one and has the tendency to pull on the lips. This lipstick needs lip prep eg a good scrub and some moisturizing once you have all of that waxed this lipstick will be your go to classic red. It’s long lasting, eating and drinking is no problem and the shade is just perfect.
  3. L’Oreal Color Riche Juliannes Red (+- R190) – Oh this is definitely a firm favourite of mine, a more coral pinky red but absolutely perfect for summer time my go to. Its bright and vibrant, because my skin tone is similar to Julianne Moore’s it suits me perfectly although I think it would suit a darker skin too. The formula is matte and can be quite drying, so I make sure to add lip ice straight after I’ve taken it off and this seems to work perfectly for me.

4 MAC Ruby Woo (+- R250) – I can’t believe the way the swatch of this looks in comparison to the other shades on my arm because in my mind this is a lot more red/pink toned however in the swatch you can really see the brick red undertone of this. There is not much that can be said about Ruby Woo it is an absolute cult classic MAC lipstick and for a good reason IT IS FULLPROOF! Seriously Ruby Woo works on pretty much every skin tone, its long lasting and does not budge from the lips. It can be drying but again you can combat this with a little lip ice straight after taking it off.

5 Rimmel Kate Moss 01 (+- R190) – Yay! Another Kate Moss lipstick that we can actually get here one of my most favourite Kate Moss lipsticks you actually can’t get here which is 107 but 01 is definitely up there with my favs. This is more of a maroon/purple toned red, this is the only one out of the five that isn’t actually matte which is nice to add to the mix. The formula although not matte packs a punch with being very opaque and not too glossy at all. It leaves a stain on the lips so don’t let the ‘not being a matte’ put you off.

What are you favourite red lipsticks? Are you more of a coral or burgundy toned girl?