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The Dewy Primer Pt 1

I asked over on snapchat (carafay95) if anyone would like a primer series broken down into formula’s and finishes, a lot of people said YES! So I have split these up into four categories; Dewy, Cream, Gel and the not really a primer primer which I will rolling out over the next two weeks. Today we’re talking about my top three Dewy primers.


If you have oily/combo skin you may be afraid of dewy primers but I’m here to tell you not to be and explain where in our combo skin life these fit right in. These primers fit in to use under flat/matte foundations eg Loreal Infallible Matt. As I have mentioned many times I have combo to dehydrated so my T-Zone gets a little oily and my cheeks tend to get dehydrated, this means that a matt foundation works amazingly on my T-zone but makes my cheeks look really flat and in turn makes my skin even more dehydrated. This where a dewy primer has its perfect place in my make up stash, my top three from luxury to budget friendy.


  1. MAC Strobe Cream (travel size) +- R150

This is such an iconic primer with its holographic hues and brightening properties. Years ago I had a huge tube of Make Up Forever illuminating primer which I think they have now discontinued and MAC’s strobe cream is the closest thing I have found to that. I love this for super matt/flat foundations, not only does it give your face a dewy look it also gives you a lit from within look and gives the face dimension. Also can we have a moment for the travel sizes MAC have, especially if you don’t want to splurge on something you aren’t 100% sure of. Even though this is dewy any foundation placed on top of this won’t budge.

2. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm (this size came as part of a special pack) +- R450

My far one of the most iconic and oldest primers to date. I wasn’t sure if I should add this to the ‘cream’ primers because of its consistency being very similar to a thin moisturiser but the finish is definitely dewy and that makes it a perfect fit for this post. Beauty Flash is very moisturising and sinks into the skin quickly, it brightens and tightens the face. The instructions state to apply make up immediately after application – it is amazing to see the synergy between foundation (of any formulation) and Beauty Flash as it provides your skin with moisture but also a perfect canvas for foundation giving the final look a non flat non shiny look.

3. Catrice Prime and Fine Beautifying  R92

This is one of 3 Catrice Prime and Fine offerings there is also a green one for neutralizing and an anti shine one. This one is said to even skin tone optically. I find this one very similar to MAC strobe cream in the consistency, glow and pink toned holographic properties it has. Again this is perfect under matte foundations as it really helps to illuminate the skin beneath and helps to create a dewy alive base it also smells amazing!


Top to Bottom: MAC Strobe Cream, Clarins Beauty Flash and Catrice Prime + Fine

Have you tried any of these three if so which is your favourite? Do you have any dewy primer recommendations for me to try?

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