rimmel provocalips {review}

Let’s put two things out there 1) I am a huge Rimmel fan and 2) I am so lazy when it comes to reapplying lipsticks. Okay now that I have given you those two facts I’ll put them into context.

I attended the Bronx 10th Birthday celebration event last month which you can read about here, I was lucky enough to win a Rimmel hamper that include the infamous rimmel Provocolips now I’m not gonna lie the two steps that this product requires would of put me off actually buying it but I am here to tell you don’t be lazy and try this two step, one stop lipstick because it is pretty much everything.


Before we get any further just have a look at the below evidence of its staying power – note this is with only ONE application in the morning not one touch up:


You can pick your jaw off the ground now. If this isn’t the longest lasting lipstick you have ever seen then I guess you have been playing with a tattoo machine of late?

At 8am I applied both steps of the rimmel provacolips, “kiss me you fool” and went on with my day had two Vida coffees, breakfast, lunch a snack and then dinner not once did I reapply or put anything on my lips.

It’s safe to say this range has won me over and I can’t wait to try a few more shades of this. Have you tried any rimmel provocalips? If so what is your feedback about this iconic product?