#RBSecretBox – All you need to know!

If you are not familiar with the Retail Box offering that is the #RBSecretBox let me enlighten you. The #RBSecretBox is a curated box of highend hair care that goes on sale on Retail Box at an amazing price. Each box is priced differently but you are always guaranteed to get way more for you buck! The #RBSecretBox is not a subscription purchase, so you can buy it on an adhoc basis or as and when your budget allows for it. Everytime there is a new #RBSecretBox (we are currently on #34) there is a description/teaser on the website that helps to guide you if the box is suited for you and your hair type – here is this editions description: Secret Box 34: 3 products every Woman will need in her life for perfect pampering. Treatment, shine and a bit of fun.

Past #RBSecretBox’s have contained products from all sorts of highend brands such as Moroccan Oil and once there was even a hair styling tool from Cloud 9 and yes again it was an affordable price! Ok now that you’re familiar with what #RBSecretBox is, lets get into what is in box number 34…
This box was all pink for Women’s Month and contained two of my favourite brands NAK and Tangle Angel! The box cost R299 and was valued at R695!


First up we have the NAK Ultimate treatment- valued at R320. This is a 60 second repair treatment to help restore chemically treated, dry or damaged hair so basically made for Cara Fay! I’m sure if you follow me anywhere or know me have heard me moaning about my hair for what feels like a century! It’s dry, damaged, broken and has awkward layers that I am trying desperately to grow out. So basically anything that promises to help damaged hair I’m all about and well I have already told you NAK is one of my most favourite brands. It also protects the hair for styling/using heat so there is no need to worry that you have missed the heat protectant spray, I have been trying to lay off the heat of late. Even though my hair is so damaged I have noticed a difference since using this treatment; instead of my splitends sticking up off my head they’re a lot more flat and tend to blend in more. My hair is also noticeably more shiny and silky without leaving it looking greasy which is always a concern for fine hair like mine.





Next up we have the NAK Shine mist- which is valued at R275 which is almost the whole price of this entire box! This is a mist/spray of condition to help give your hair shine and gloss, so again perfect for dull lifeless hair! It also aids in keeping them flyaways at bay and is perfect for after curls or straightening as it doesn’t weigh down the hairstyle like an oil or wax would do, it just creates a light halo around the head with its fine mist.





Last up in this month #RBSecretBox is the cute and nifty Tangle Angel Key ring- which is valued at R100. This is a cute mini version of the Tangle Angel Hair Brush in the form of a keyring, its perfect for those days your hair needs a little brush through as its teeny and great for on the go. This isn’t as strong as the larger brush but it does a great job for on the go!

…and those are the contents of the August #RBSecretBox – have you ever bought the Secret Box before?