moldable clay DIY

I am all about a good DIY, so often I troll through Pinterest looking for simple ideas that I can get crafty with. I kept seeing DIYs that use moldable clay and then realized that Builder’s Warehouse have a craft isle and off I went in hopes I would find moldable clay AND I DID! I was so excited not only because I found the clay it was also a lot more simple than the clay that is mentioned in the Pinterest DIY as that version needs to be baked, the version I found at Builder’s Warehouse drys by itself in the air – no baking needed!

After finding the clay I knew I wanted my first try to be ring cone holders similar to these that I saw on Pinterest.

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The application was really simple and I completed the whole thing in 30 minutes. What you’ll need to pick up from Builder’s Warehouse:

1) Moldable Clay:

2) Spray Paint of your choice:

moldable clay diy

moldable clay diyStep 1 – All you need to do is pull off some clay and mold it into a cone shape, as you can see they’re not perfect and have a few lumps if I was to make these again I think I would take a blunt butter knife to smooth it out more. When you are happy with the shape you have created set them aside over night to dry and then the next day you can paint them if you like.

moldable clay diy

Step 2 – I decided to use the black and gold Pinterest version as a reference, I used masking tape to cover the top section that I wanted gold.I then sprayed it with the black matte spray paint waited 5 minutes for it to dry and then peeled off the masking tape and applied masking tape to the black section and sprayed the tip with gold.

DIY ring holders (7 of 7)
DIY ring holders (6 of 7)
DIY ring holders (5 of 7)

It was such a simple DIY and I think these make the cutest little gifts because if you think about it most people just leave their rings laying on side tables. I can’t wait to try more DIYs with the clay, next I am thinking simple trinket bowls. What simple DIY would you create with moldable clay?