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Welcome back to my second Love Local post! This series is to bring to light all the lovely things/people that can be found locally here in South Africa.

This installment is quite an interesting one for me because I have followed Vintage Lover for about 2 years before meeting the lovely Janece at a market – it was kind of a fan girl moment for me because I appreciate so much about her page, let me elaborate.

cara (20 of 20)

Vintage Lover  is basically a trader of vintage clothing (some new/some socond hand) and accessories, Janece trades at markets, posts outfits for sale on her page as well as hosts an Open Closet at her house where she transforms her home into the coolest vintage stop around she has cupcakes, fizzers and old school music playing. Her attention to detail is what I appreciate so much from her, as a graphic designer I really enjoy watching someone form a brand so distinctive that you can spot what the brand is a mile away, Janece does this to the T – all her outfit posts are graded the same way, have the same background and same font, when she packages your goodies you get a fizzer in a neat little parcel whether she posts it to you or you buy it from a market she cares about you and wants you to enjoy your shopping experience.

I recently went to one of the Open Closet’s and have a look at the loveliness

cara (10 of 20)Sunglasses for every face shape around.

cara (19 of 20)Reloved vintage dresses, old school print that have been remade/reloved (How cute is the pink polka dot one, coveting this!)

cara (14 of 20)Who else can make doilys work beside the Queen of Vintage!

cara (8 of 20)Can we have a second to appreciate these amazing hangers.

cara (9 of 20)of course we have the ever popular vintage over sized jerserys, like nan used to make 😉

cara (12 of 20)… and we have a WHOLE room of them!cara (11 of 20)

cara (17 of 20)Searching for faux fur or the perfect unique coat for winter? Search no more!

cara (18 of 20)I told you there were cupcakes and fizzers.. yummmmmmm

cara (16 of 20)Floral crowns.. dah!

cara (15 of 20)and lastly her cutie of a dog Ennie just chills around like part of the furniture… how cute!

This is what Janece says about Vintage Lover “for those who love beautiful vintage things and is always in search of something new or should i say old to own. i may just have what you are looking for, come into my closet and find a world of vintage. (please note everything on this page is vintage aka 2nd hand)” With close to 7000 Facebook fans what are you waiting for give Vintage Lover a like on Facebook HERE.