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Lets talk all things Tangle Teezer

L-R: Wet Detangler, Salon Elite, Original and Compact

Ah Tangle Teezer, that buzz word that everyone is always talking (and for a good reason!) about now more accessible than ever before available at Clicks stores whereas before the only option was to purchase online. 

I said bye bye to my old faithful paddle brush when I bought my first pink original Tangle Teezer, because it really is that good! Tangle Teezers to me are a miracle invention I don’t know how this works but even the knotest of knots are no problem for these guys somehow they smooth through the knots (wet or dry) with no pain it’s really like magic! 

After years of working in salons and realising the need for a quick and easy hair brush which detangled hair without tugging and pulling, Shaun had a ‘lightbulb moment’ in 2003 which kick-started his research and development for the first professional detangling hair tool. The fun brand name came from chatting to a client in the salon chair. Shaun wanted something short and catchy… and changing the spelling to TEEZER rather than TEASER added some extra fizz to his idea.

The Tangle Teezer Story
Above: Salon Elite and Compact

There are multiple variations of Tangle Teezers on the market now compared to when I first picked up the original; from the Kids flowerpot version to a thick and curly variation and even blowdrying and styling variations, there really is no reason to ever go back to pulling your hair out with a reg brush.

Fast forward a few years and my Tangle Teezer collection has grown; mainly because I can’t imagine my life without them and can justify each one I have LOL! I have the compact for travelling its a mini version that has a cover that slots over the bristles to keep it safe whilst travelling. 

Wet Detangler

The Wet Detangler is the newest in edition to my collection, its specifically created to be used on wet, fragile hair. With 325 unique teeth that flex over tangles and knots with every single stroke, hair is quickly detangled confidently whilst helping to reduce breakage. I also use the Wet Detangler for blowdrying my hair and it works so well, its basically a new and improved paddle brush!

There is no way I’ll ever go back from a Tangle Teezer, the grossness of a paddle brush that has the little sponge that just collects oil and scalp – yuk! Tangle Teezers are so easy to clean and remove collected hair. 

If you’re someone who hates brushing you hair or have super knotty or fine hair that breaks easily or even children who cry when it comes to hair brushing I highly recommend giving a tangle teezer a go!