lazy girls guide to contour

​I am no snatched goddess that’s for sure! When it comes to contouring I am pretty much a bronzer in the shape of a 3 kinda gal. I once tried to contour like a boss and ended up looking like I had chocolate war paint on my face! With my lack of contouring skills I always look out for the perfect bronzers or for easy palettes that label exactly where each shade goes that way I at least have some kind of guideline. Today I’m going to chat you through two of my favourite lazy girl contour kits.

Starting off with the Catrice sculpting powder palette this is a super useful and versatile palette with a highlighter, bronzer and blush. The formula of the powders is very light and all three are subtly pigmented but can be built up. The bronzer is a cool toned brown that works well on my pale skin, the blusher is a pinky shade that gives the cheeks a gorgeous flushed look and the highlight is a champagne shade that has flecks of glitter, it’s the perfect highlighter for day or night.

Next up we have the L.O.V Perfectitude Face Contouring Palette . This little bad boy surprised me, mainly because I tend to stay away from cream products as I was finding they moved my foundation too much however I am a doos and used to apply them AFTER powdering my face which is totally the wrong way to use them! This little guy gives you two contour options; more of a contoured look and more of a strobing look. The contour shade is again a cool toned brown that sinks straight into the skin and funnily enough its hard to over do it with this one. Next Up there is a matte white/nude shade that works well under the eye area, bridge of the nose or if you’re looking for a highlighted look without any glitter. Lastly there is a champagne, nude shade with a pearly glow this can be used on the high points of the face for a gorgeous strobing effect.

Are you a bronzer in the shape of a 3 kinda gal – then these two are just for you! 🙂