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heritage day | major mind wander

This post is something that I really had to think hard about before publishing, as it may come across controversial and some may think that my blog should be all about happiness, typography, beauty and fashion but is an extension of who I am as a person – a place where I can share my mind wanderings, this is my space to share the thoughts that echo from my mind and heart.. so here we go


Seeing that today is Heritage Day here in South Africa it seemed appropriate to talk a little about Heritage. You see here in South Africa Heritage Day has been bastardised and in commercial instances is called ‘National Braai Day’ , but the Heritage of South Africa has nothing to do with a Braai/Barbeque. In fact the majority of South Africans do not even own a braai, you see to these South African’s their Heritage is represented by the struggle, oppression and social segregation that was experienced during colonisation and apartheid. Sometimes I wonder if South Africa has improved – yes we are more ‘integrated’ but the scale of white to black hierarchy is still very prevalent in modern day South Africa. To such an extent that the ‘whities’ have taken over the essence of 24 September and in a way colonised it to make it their own “National Braai Day.”

I have a huge heart for less privileged people, I hate injustice, I hate that most South Africans do not have running water, a toilet in their home, electricity or a solid roof over their heads. Some do not have enough money to send their children to school…


Heritage Day should be about the ‘liberation’ of these people, what their freedom fighters did to ensure they could have a better life, a better future and yet here we are in 2014 with an increasing crime rate, an increasing number of people going to bed hungry..

“Too many South Africans go to sleep hungry every day with no idea what they will eat the next morning.”

..and an even more increasing rate of homeless people on our streets and yet we still find a way to be content with stealing this day a way from these people and filling our tummies with Braai food yet there are so many people with no food – this right here breaks my heart more than I can ever express in words.

As a white person myself I here a lot of racist remarks and I can’t help but wander “if you hate people of colour, what are you doing here in Africa. THIS IS THE LAND that belongs to people of colour” I feel like saying how dare you speak like that when you are actually a visitor in this land, your heritage is not indigenous from this land and yet you still have the audacity to treat the people who own this land like dirt? As I am sure you can see this really grates me to pieces. When people strike over poor service delivery I am right behind them, what else do you want them to do? keep quiet and nod on whilst having to walk kilometres to just use the toilet?

The biggest crescendo of this whole subject is the fact that Crime is on the rise, why do you think that is – before complaining think about it. It is a cycle, if there is no education, no jobs this means little money which in turn will result in people being forced to take a stand and resort to thievery (I am in no way condoning this crime or violence), this is just a fact all of these things go hand in hand. The more people are oppressed in their own land the more crime will rise.

Phew that was quite the mind wander… I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my mind and that in some way it made your mind work a little.

​”While poverty persists, there is no true freedom.”​