Go Beauty + Lavish Salon Review

I am such a sucker for tech and apps, its probably the least likely thing anyone would think I could be in to. Needless to say its totes my vibe. I can be quite a critic though and I often think that apps could be made a lot simpler because lets be honest ain’t nobody got time to be fumbling around.

GoBeauty was created to fill a gap in the beauty market by creating a platform to book a beauty appointment within its platform which is used via WeChat.Although I would love to see a standalone app its expensive and a lot of people often struggle with space on their phones which means they’re less likely to download a standalone app and more likely to make use of an app like WeChat.

To book via WeChat follow these steps:



  1. Download WeChat via the app store
  2. Search for GoBeauty in add contacts
  3. Follow GoBeauty
  4. Click the ‘Booking’
  5. Select your city
  6. Select your preferred salon in your closest suburb
  7. Click ‘Make a Booking’
  8. Fill out the booking form with your ideal date, time and treatment
  9. Complete the form
  10. All done! – the salon you have selected will then make contact to confirm the booking

The good news is you can now use the GoBeauty website to book your appointment so if you’re struggling with phone space no need to worry about WeChat.

Now onto my pedicure experience. What an appropriate name for the salon.. Lavish, because that’s exactly what the experience was like LAVISH! Every detail is taken care of from the minute you walk into the salon. I had the most luxurious pedicure I have ever had. Firstly I walked into the dimly candle lit room with relaxing music playing and hopped on the bed… YES you heard right the pedicure was done whilst I lay on the bed, I have never experienced this before as all the other pedicures I have had are done sitting up straight and in no way have been a hugely relaxing experience like this one a Lavish.


Chrystal made sure I was comfy and showed me the wide variety of gel nail polishes available at Lavish WHAT a choice I think I flipped through close to 100 different shades and some were even heat sensitive as in they change colour depending on temperature which is just something the younger Cara Fay would of been all into. I however went for a gorgeous greige colour boring I know but when I go back to Lavish for a gel mani I will switch it up.

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If you are looking to treat yourself or a loved one I would highly recommend booking at Lavish for a truly relaxing experience, something that will transform your entire day. What is your go to beauty appointment treat to yourself? Mine is always a mani or pedi.