FitChef Review

I am sure everyone is familiar with meal programs we have seen a flood on our market so many to choose from. Fitchef is slightly different in that there is a meal plan however you don’t have to go ahead and purchase a whole eating plan or packages, you can pick and choose meals, smoothies or snacks and some of these are actually available in selected retailers which I think is the most amazing option especially for nights when you really don’t know what to cook at least this way you’re getting a healthy microwave meal option.

There are many packages available if you are looking for a more strict meal option eg there is one for losing weight, sport performance, detox and so many more.

I’m sure when you think of an eating plan you immediately imagine bland boring food – with FitChef nothing I tried was boring or bland. I mean look at this meal of steak, mushroom sauce, veggies AND chips I mean for real?

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All the meals were delicious I mean bunless chicken burger, pesto pasta, beef con-carne and these are only a few of the delicious meal options FitChef have.  I think the biggest thing I learnt was portion control, I mean look at these chips portions I would usually eat double of this when I eat chips however I was full eating one of these portions – which shows me my eyes are bigger than my stomach!

FitChef has 10 points that encompass the brand:

  1. The Eat Clean Ethos – All the ingredients in FitChef meals are from nature, all meat is sourced from grass-fed/free range farms.
  2. The importance of Convenience and Balance- FitChef is both healthy and convenient. 40/40 vision, if you have a busy month ahead, buy more FitChef meals; if you have more free time, then cook more. Either way, you need to find a balance that will give you at least 80 wholesome meals a month. You can cook them all, buy 80 FitChef meals or take the middle road: buy 40 and make 40.
  3. Is Frozen Food Healthy? We believe it is safer than any other form of preservatives, because at the very least freezing does not mean adding man-made chemicals to your food. In a perfect world, we would all grow our own food and cook fresh meals every day. But in our time-poor world, many of us eat more for convenience than health.
  4. Why do most diets fail? Not having easy access to GOOD, healthy food to grab on the run.
    1. Always eat for your HEALTH first!
    2. Remember that not everyone loses weight at the same speed. Persevere.
    3. You can’t out train a bad diet. Exercise certainly helps your mind, emotions and body, but remember it’s 90% diet and 10% exercise.
  5. Why is counting calories a waste of time? We don’t believe in counting calories in general because 100 kcal of vegetable is not equal to a 100 kcal of sugar. Sugar will spike blood sugar and cause an insulin release which puts your body into fat storage mode; veggies on the other hand help put your body into fat burning mode. It’s not about the amount of calories you eat but rather it’s the quality of the calorie that is important.
  6. Will I feel hungry on FitChef food? FitChef meals and smoothies are packed with nutritious low GI ingredients that will leave you feeling fuller for longer. Most FitChef meals are 300g in size, while a few are 250g to keep carbs low in the ActiveDiet range.
  7. Exercise won’t make you thin – 90% Diet 10% Exercise (for fat loss). If professional athletes strictly monitor their diet (carb management), despite intense daily exercise then it proves this statement. You can’t out train a bad diet and six packs are really made in the kitchen!
  8. Elements Range, build your own meal – This range helps prep and make meals easier at home by combining portions of carbs, proteins, veg, toppings & sauces (this was what I used to create my mushroom steak, veggie and chip meal)

9. Availibility – As i mentioned FitChef is available in some Spar’s and Dischem store or even easier order online:

10. Fitchef aims to be the world’s leading REAL FOOD solutions company.

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The smoothies were one of my favourites besides the brownies – yes you heard me BROWNIES for a snack I mean are you for real. Okay back to the smoothies each one was delicious and filled me up as a stop gap between meals my favourite flavour has to be the Grape, Apple and Beetroot as well as the Ginger and Lemon Refresher – so yum!  I also really liked the ginger shots firstly they were so zingy but also really helped when I felt a cold coming on.

Overall I love how easy going and easy FitChef is and can’t wait to see it stocked in more supermarkets 🙂