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Favourite (finished) Mascaras Pt 2

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In this post I shared my top 3 mascara’s and so many of you enjoyed reading that post and hearing my thoughts on them, I thought I would continue the mascara series and share part two with you.

I try so many new mascara’s that I very rarely end up re purchasing one, don’t get me wrong I have a list of my all time favourites that will forever be repurchased as long as these mascara formulas are still being made eg Maybelline The Falsies, my ride or die fav!

The thing with mascaras are that they’re that one product (besides foundation) that actually finish and need to be replaced. I honestly am one of those people that love to get to finish a product, with mascara you can definitely do that and then move onto a different brand or formula. At any given time I have about 2 or 3 mascaras on the go. It usually goes like this; one will be a very subtle look, the second will be quite a dramatic look and the third will usually be a waterproof option. This also means I can share my reviews on the blog with all of you lovely people!

mascara flatlay mascara flat lay mascara review south africa finished mascaras

  1. Maxfactor Masterpiece Transform (R109) – this is a very fine plastic applicator that gives more volume to the lashes than length, I am not a huge fan of plastic applicators as I usually go for the big fibre ones but what I enjoy about this one is that because of its shape its really easy to get the fine inner corner lashes.
  2. Loreal Miss Manga Punky (R104) – this is by far one of my most favourite mascaras of all time, as you can see by the packaging it was well loved. It gave my lashes length, volume and fullness. The wand is slightly tapered with tiny nodules at the tip which makes it easy to get into the corner of the eye.
  3. Maxfactor Masterpiece MAX (R124) – another plastic applicator but this time with a lot more nodules on which gives the lashes a more of a dramatic look, I really enjoyed the way this transformed my lashes.
  4. Catrice Luxury Lashes Waterproof (R94) – Catrice is one of my favourite mascara brands, they’re affordable and effective, my most favourite is the glamourous doll version, the wand is perfection. This has a big fibre brush and although it’s waterproof it doesn’t make the lashes crunchy or flakey, the perfect everyday mascara for full lashes.
  5. Benefit They’re Real (R165) – Oh Benefit! I am such a sucker for their dinky products no why? The brushes of their smaller versions are exactly the same size as the full version which means you can test them out without buying the full version. The wand of this is plastic with multiple spikey nodules. I found that the brush doesn’t hold too much product which makes application so easy. I can understand why this is such an iconic mascara. Definitely need to try roller lash next.
  6. Boombastic XXL (R145) – just look at that wand have you ever seen anything like that? Nope me either with its twists and nodules it really allows the mascara to cling onto even the smallest/finest of lashes. The wand is plastic and definitely XXL because of it being so large when its pulled out the tube it leaves behind any excess product which means you can expect no clumps or excess product.
  7. Maxfactor 2000 Calorie (R119) – this one has a tapered fibre wand which is perfect for everyday the right amount of volume and length without looking like you’re wearing too much mascara – this one is definitely a favourite of mine.

Have you tried any of these mascaras?