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concealer comparison {review}


If you have read my post all about the base then you know my obsession about a flawless base to achieve that you best believe concealer has to be bought into the mix to achieve flawless status.

The same goes for concealer brushes, I waited so long to be able to get my hands on the zoeva set that includes the above two brushes both of which are perfect concealer buffing brushes. Recently I have got my hands on the Real Techniques setting brush which is the BEST for under eye concealer, I even bought two – one for concealer and the other for powder.


Left to right;

  1. Dirty Works Under Eye Corrector (+- R100) – I was so excited to try this as it has two shades a salmony pink one and a lighter nude colour. In my mind this was going to be the perfect under eye corrector, unfortunately I was mistaken. Its a very creamy consistency so it literally melts under the eye which obviously means hello creasage!
  2. Catrice Camouflage (+- R70) – Now this is a great concealer a super full coverage with a much thicker consistency to any others featured above. Although not great for under the eyes it covers pimple like a boss!
  3. MAC Select Cover Up (+- R200) – I fall in and out of love with this, the same as I do with my MAC face and body foundation which they work perfectly together. I think I end up reaching for this more in summer because its such a light weight easy to use concealer which is perfect for under the eyes and pimples.
  4. Collection Lasting Perfection (+- R70) – Unfortunately this goodie is not available here in South Africa but if by any chance you have a mule coming down from the UK get them to pick this up for you – you will not be disappointed. Honestly the best concealer ever!
  5. Catrice Light Reflector (+- R60) – Oh I love this, but lets not get it twisted if you have super dark bags you will need to use this on top of a concealer I find it works best as a highlighter under the eyes.
  6. NYX HD Photogenic Concealer (+- R100) – This is the closest we get to the collection lasting perfection concealer here its so pigmented and comes in quite a few shades including a purple and green for counteracting redness and discolouration. I chose the lightest shade and its perfect for the Kim K under eye highlighting.
  7. Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer (+- R100) – This is my most favourite under eye concealer, it offers the perfect amount of coverage without any creasage and is so easy to use. It has a little poff on the top as the applicator so its easy to keep in the handbag for a quick top up and no need to bring a long a brush. If you have a mule then you definitely need to ask them to bring this back from either the USA or UK for you as sadly isn’t available here in South Africa.
  8. MAC pro longwear (+- R280) – This again is such a favourite of mine, I try and save it although a little truly goes a long way with this one. Its a perfect full coverage concealer that works well under the eyes and on blemishes. Although it is full coverage it isn’t chalky but doesn’t require much powder to set.

Do you have a concealer addiction like I do + are any of my favourites yours too? Maybe we can join #concealeranonymous together