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Budget Blush and Bronzer Favourites

If I think of my everyday make up routine even if I am in a rush, one of the items that make the biggest difference to the complexion is bronzer and/or blush. There is just something that it adds that brings all your make up together and adds dimension and of course colour to the face. Finding a budget blush and bronzer is rare so when I come across some that have the perfect formulation and pigmentation I squeal inside!

There are tones of blush and bronzer shades on the market and in available in highend and lowend brands, although you don’t want to go super cheap and nasty where the formula is quite chalky and doesn’t last, it doesn’t mean that you always need to splurge when it comes to a great bronzer and blush. I thought I would share with you two of my current budget friendly blush and bronzer duo.

blush and bronzer fav (1 of 6)
blush and bronzer fav (2 of 6)

The blush is from the Essence Metal collection in 10 My Name is Gold, it gives the most gorgeous peachy gold glow to the cheeks without being over glittery.  It has the softest buttery formula and a little goes a long way as it is highly pigmented. I find myself reaching for this almost daily its a full proof shade and finish on the cheeks.

blush and bronzer fav (4 of 6)
blush and bronzer fav (3 of 6)

The Essence Metal Collection blushers rival most MAC mineralize blushers, if you haven’t given them a swatch a suggest you head over to an Essence stand and swatch away plush they’re a casual R65 so you can not go wrong!

Onto the best budget friendly bronzer I have found… Palladio Mosaic Powder Bronzer, Sun Kissed. This is one of my most used bronzers that I have already hit pan in. I think what makes it so perfect is the colour/tone combinations within it, there are some warmer blocks and cooler blocks so when swirled together they offer the most natural subtle bronzer especially on my pale skin.

This has has a permanent role in my everyday make up routine over the past few months and similar to the Essence Blush it is full proof, I know if I need to grab make up to do in the car this Palladio bronzer will give me the most perfect bronze glow without being orange or over the top.

What are your favourite budget make up finds?