Avon Matte Lipsticks


Whenever anyone asks me for my matte lipstick recommendation I always say Avon. My mom used to come home every month with the Avon catalogue for us to scroll through, almost every month I would purchase at least one thing some a hit and well some a miss. The hits are their eyelid primer I use it EVERY day, setting spray and these matte lipsticks. I was sent two of the shades and I couldn’t stop at just those two so I ordered more!

avon matte lipstick review south africa

What makes the Avon Matte lipsticks different? Their the most moisturising matte lipsticks  e v e r  so much so you can actually press your lips together without feeling like you either have sandpaper or a desert lips.

avon matte lipstick review south africa

How sleek is the packaging even the finish of the bullet is velvet matte which does mean they can get a little grubby. Above are the shades Superb Wine, Au Natruale, Berry Blast and Red Supreme. Although the lipsticks are moisturising there is no compromise on longevity these beauties last all day and as you can see below are super pigmented.

avon matte lipstick review south africa

Superb Wine, Berry Blast, Red Supreme, Au Natrurale

As if I haven’t given you enough reasons to want to try the Avon matte lipsticks I’m about to give you one more, they’re a dupe for two very popular MAC matte lipsticks with a better formula I might add!

avon matte lipstick dupe for mac ruby woo

  1. MAC Ruby Woo vs Avon Red Supreme
  2. MAC Myth vs Avon Au Naturale

A little birdie told me that Avon have launched some new shades for summer and I have a sneaky suspicion one is a dupe for MAC Candy Yum Yum! Definitely on my Avon shopping list!

Another thing I absolutely love about Avon as a brand is the fact that they’re hugely focused on uplifting and empowering over 5 million woman. I think this is another reason why I take my time to see if there is something I can buy from their brochures as I know that inevitably I am supporting a company that stands for so much over the past 125 years.

What is your go to Avon product?