5 favourite products

We all have our favourite ‘go-to’ beauty products, you know those ones that you will always fall back on no matter how many other products you try they are kinda like a comfort blanket. So I thought I would show you five of my favourite beauty products.


1) Blistex Lip Medex: This has to be one of the most unglamorous product but let me tell you this stuff is made in heaven! If you suffer from chapped lips in winter then this is what you need, I put this on at night and in the morning all chapped/dryness has subsided. By no means does this lippy taste or smell nice and it tingles but it works better than anything I have ever used.            Clicks or Dischem – R68

IMG_411172) Baby Lips: Ok I know I just spoke about a lippy but there is no way I could leave these babys (see what I did there), these are definitely worth the hype, they moisturise and leave a slick of colour on your pout – perfect for in the handbag or gym bag.               Clicks or Dischem – R30

IMG_411183) L.A. Girls Garlic Nail Growth: This stuff is amazing for people who have poorly nails. I used to bite mine a lot and as a result they are not the strongest, I often will have a slight relapse and nibble away and once I’m done I apply one coat of this and no joke in two days there is a significant amount of growth. I have tried many nail treatments / nail growth / nail strengthening, nothing has ever worked as well and as fast as this has plus the price is so nice compared to other brands. Dischem – R50

IMG_411994) Simple replenishing moisturiser: When I came across this range in South Africa I was over the moon as I was in desperate need for a lower end moisturiser J&J was just not cutting it anymore! I have seen so many UK youtubbers rave about Simple and I just love how natural it is, really a no muss no fuss brand. This moisturiser is so thin and absorbs straight away has no scent and has lasted for so long because you really need a tiny amount. My skin is combination to normal and it is perfect for me. Dischem R50

IMG_41205) Catrice Eye-Brow Pencil: Let me start by saying anything Catrice is amazing value for money, everytime I pass a Catrice stand I have to have a little look I just love the packaging and price. (Rant over) This eyebrow pencil is such a quick and easy way to fill in the brows, I know it is better to use powder but sometimes (most times – poor time management) I am in a rush to leave the house and need to get the brows filled in ay’sap so I grab this and in 2 minutes I’m done. Dischem – R30

Hope you all liked this little products post, let me know what your favourite products are and if you have tried any of these.

P.S I showed a sneak peak of an upcoming DIY on my instagram did you see it yet?


*This post is not sponsored and pricing are just guess’timations